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Loose blue connector at fuse box +ABS issue.

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Troubleshooting my abs light (90 Reatta) and found this bad boy. Anyone know what it is and where it goes? The brown/white wire also seems to be missing a pin.


Also, unable to jump codes. Was searching for abs fuse when I saw this. ABS light illuminated, but won't blink after front brake maintenance.



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From the 1990 service manual,   the blue connector seems to be C213

I think C213 plugs into the back of the radio  or  another mating connector that plugs into the radio

There should be a brown wire with white tracer....... it should have 12v when the ignition is ON

black wire is ground

pink is from radio to the power antenna relay

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I considered that but if you look at section 8A-150  that page shows the CD schematic. 

* no C213 shown

* the wiring to the CD  appears to be a connector with 15 pins used... C213 only has 12

The schematics do not identify connectors plugging into a device.... or I have not figured out how they identify them. 

I feel C213 is connecting two cables together.   If this car has an aftermarket radio... the installer may have removed that cable. 

I could come and look at it.... just pay transportation, lodging.    I will work for free and buy my own meals. 

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