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'27 Master Six Model 40- New Member Questions

thomas k

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Hello All:  I recently joined AACA , Buick Club of America, and am joining a local BCA chapter.

I am learning to navigate the various forums for restoration advice, parts procurement, and owner expertise.

I have a number of questions that I hope are not too many or should be posted somewhere else...please advise.

My Buick underwent a frame off restoration 38 years ago by a former AACA judge. I view my Buick as a "go car" not a show car. Although I do try to adhere to original (looking) improvements/upgrades if possible. So:

  1. I am looking for two rear quarter window shade  3/4 " rollers, hem bars, and hardware. I located a vendor who will reproduce the silk shade fabric.
  2. How far back, date wise, are forum questions and answers valid ?
  3. I need the oil can that rests on the holder on the passenger side of the engine block. What is the oil can used for? where is the oil applied, what type of oil?
  4. What options are there for hinge pin side view mirrors?
  5. Were running board steps plates common for my year and model? Where would they be available?
  6. Any advice to free up a "frozen" transmission lock and key?

Enough for now on my first forum questions post :)

Thanks in advance for any advice anyone can share. I am grateful.

Thomas K

Buick by the lake 3.jpg

Buick driveway 2.jpg

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 Welcome to the forum. The 1927 Model 40 is a nice, powerful family car for the time.

 First suggestion is to secure an owners manual(Reference Book), Service manual and a parts book if possible. They are available as reproductions, just check Ebay,  "1927 Buick" or "1920s Buick" and you will find repros and originals. Also from the AACA library. The Reference Book itself will answer some of the questions as to what oil and where to oil. The oil cans can be found in many antique shops flea markets etc. Just have to find a compatible size. I Reference and Shop manuals on microfilm which is how the information was gotten from the Buick Motor Division back in the 1960s-1980s.

 Others should be able to answer your other questions. My question is where you are locted to secure local help?

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Hi Thomas, 

    Welcome to the forum.  I have a 1926 Model 40 with an original interior in my shed.   Let me try to answer a few of your questions.

  1. There are 3 window shades.  I assume your rear shade is in place.  I have no extra parts.  I do not know what a hem bar is.  I am not sure if this shade material has been replaced.  
  2. All forum answers and questions are good regardless of age.  The issue applies to parts for sale as older items may or may not still be available.  
  3. You can find an oil can on Ebay.  You need to know the diameter of the oil can base to find a correct replacement.  There are oil points all over the engine.  (Distributor, throttle shafts, spark advance shaft, etc. ) Places should be listed in the owners manual.  Look for shafts thru castings and a hole on the top side.  Any motor oil will suffice.  
  4. I will let someone else answer on side view mirrors.
  5. Step plates were "aftermarket" .  They do come up on Ebay at times. 
  6. If you have the transmission key,  consider making a new key first.  Is the lock frozen, or do you have a key that merely fits the slot but is the wrong key.  Since you have a closed car, I suspect your key is wrong.  Send the tumbler code to Jesserclassickey and have a new key made.  My car is open, and I suspected water had made it's way to the top of the transmission.  I did use WD-40 generously in the tumbler, and the newly made key.  I did snap vise grips on the key - but only to make it easier to wiggle it back and forth - GENTLY.  It did eventually loosen and then I was able to remove the entire tumbler.       Hugh   



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Hello Larry and Hugh,

It is so nice to "meet" you through the forum. I can't begin to express my appreciation to both of you for taking the time to respond to my questions in such a thorough manner , including your pictures Hugh.

Larry, I have taken your advice and I am in the process of looking up or obtaining the reference manuals you recommended. To answer your location question, I am located in the Finger Lakes region of Upstate NY and have just touched base with the head of the BCA Finger Lakes chapter and have joined that club.

Hugh, your pictures are fantastic and eerily similar to the what I believe to be the original interior of my Buick ( although not as nice as yours). Yes, I am trying to find 2 rear side window curtains with the rollers and hardware or just the rollers and hardware. My rear window curtain is intact, including the green silk curtain material, and I have located a vendor to replace the silk and refurbish the hardware. He will do the same if I can locate 2 side rollers(curtains)and hardware.

I hope the attached pictures give you and idea.

2101364791_Buickrearwindowcurtain2.jpg.9beba385655d7a39be21404a1da110db.jpg226170087_Buickrearwindowcurtain3.jpg.d68615833e8a8a28a15b91e47a0ef314.jpgRegarding, the lock, my key is frozen in the lock itself in a position that still permits moving the shift lever so I may be better leaving well enough alone or if I did try to loosen it, I will certainly follow your advise to use lots of WD40 and be gentle !

I am a snowbird and will be attending the AACA Winter Nationals this weekend in Miami. I hope there will be a lot of Buicks on display !

Thank you again gentlemen. Hugh I have read all of your posts/answers with great enthusiasm. If there is a link to more of your photos that would be much appreciated.



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Buick window shade brackets look about the same as those used by Ford, which are available on multiple online parts websites.  I have an old bracket from unknown make which probably won't clean up and be very presentable.  You might be able to find original brackets made from brass on e-bay that will clean up and look better.  




window shade bracket original.jpg

window shade bracket.jpg

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Thank you Kevin, great advice. I will investigate your recommended resources.

Do you by chance have names or links to any of the multiple online parts websites that you are familiar with?

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Thank you ! I could not be more grateful,

As you may tell from my postings, I am just becoming familiar with the whole restoration process, the searching for parts and suppliers, online technical research, and trying to determine how authentic I want to be in all of these steps. You are most helpful. I am looking forward to utilizing the links to the suppliers you provided.

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That is a very nice looking Buick.  We will all hope that it runs as well as it looks.  The Early and/or Pre-War Buicks enthusiasts are a group of very knowledgeable guys that will be able to help you with just about any question that you will come up with.  I will repeat what was said earlier, welcome to Early Buicks Heaven and by all means enjoy the ride.


Terry Wiegand

South Hutchinson, Kansas

AACA Life Member #947918

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