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WTB Convertible top frame for 1939 Series 40


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I recently bought a 1939 Buick Convertible series 40. I need a convertible top frame


I am in East Palo Alto CA


Michael Gabriel


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8 hours ago, EmTee said:

What model?

From above "1939 Buick Convertible series 40." 

Guess a 2 door 46C.  66C will be same as use the same body shell.  Olds, LaSalle & Caddi that use the same body shell may be the same.

4 door 41C far less common.


The best source of pre war Buick parts is Dave Tacheny in Champlin, MN. He specializes in 1936-1941 Buick parts. He is old school:- no email. The best way to contact him is to call him between 4 and 7 pm Central at 763-427 3460. You can also write him a letter. His address is 11949 Oregon Ave N., Champlin, MN 55316. 



Is this the green car from WA?

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50 minutes ago, NSU1 said:

It is a model 41 2 door. 


No this is a yellow hotrod conversion in California


Model 41 is the 4 door sedan

Yours is a 46C

4 = 40 series Special

6C = 2 door convertible.

If a coupe would be just 6.


Hope it has Buick engine !

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Thank for information


Actually this car started life as a Model 41 sedan but the rear was shot so the body was cut from the windshield back and a convertible body from there was welded on.  This was an  incredible complicated frame off modification. The pictures are awesome


I also think this may be the only 1939 in the Buick club. I tried searching for others so as to ask questions from their owners  but  mine was the only that kept showing up,  I found them for  earlier and later years but not for 1939






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NSU1. You've come to the right place to talk BUICK's. FYI, there are a fair number of 1939 BUICK convertible coupes still out there. A few modified ones, and even more stock ones. Some of the owner's post here on the forum. Super to see the straight eight still in the car. Not many resto-mod builders would have done that. Best of luck to you in finishing your nifty car. John

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5 hours ago, EmTee said:

That's an interesting dual carburetor setup.  Do you know anything about it?  What about the rest of the engine - is it original to the sedan?

The position of the dip stick puts it as possible 1939 engine. In 1940 the dip stick was moved back.

A 1941-1942 dual carb set would be a good addition


Another source-->https://www.teambuick.com/community/index.php


Some images below. This car has now been restored






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It is really good to see how the frame works. I had nothing to go by for setup


The engine is original to the car


it has an Isky Cam custom camshaft for dual carbs,  solid lifters and headers


It has Stromberg carbs


It has a custom exhaust and intake


The transmission is a 1975 Camaro Saginaw 4 speed


the real axel is from a 1984 El camino 4:10 gear ratio



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What keeps the axle in place? 

Trailing arms, panhard rod with the original coil springs?


in 1939 had the stepped intake manifold as the engine slopes (compared to horizontal in 1938)

Your exhaust looks good.


Will be hard to find the convertible frame.  Hard to fabricate a copy.

As above also look for some models of 1939 Olds & Ponti (BOP) & Caddi LaSalle



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