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3d printing of unobtainable parts

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I worked for a while for a company that had made prototype vehicle bodies by first casting and machining kirksite dies. They had resurfaced as a hot stamper by the time I had arrived, after solid modelling decreased the need for prototypes.


December 2022 Issue: How the concept cars of tomorrow are made with 3D printing (designworldonline.com) I get this publication because I am a fan of Leland Teschler's editorials. The link seemed to me to be more of a come-on to view the issue.


Are there any restoration sites that are doing much with 3d printing? 3d scanning may be another component of printing parts.

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Perhaps this is not in the correct space/topic/thread?

most all of what is here is about the history of vehicles not about current ways to reproduce parts, car bodies etc.

You are talking restoration, that is not what is here. Can this be moved or changed to the appropriate area?

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As an SAH member I enter the forums at the link The Society of Automotive Historians - Antique Automobile Club of America - Discussion Forums (aaca.org) (https://forums.aaca.org/forum/160-the-society-of-automotive-historians/). I did not find a topic relating to creating accurate drawings of parts for the restoration or repair of antique vehicles. Seals and polymer trim parts are often not available. Could I ask to have a category created? Maybe Restoration parts drawing and manufacture could be a topic.

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