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Buick Styling and Engineering

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I'll start this new thread off with this shot of a clay model being worked on of what appears to be a '54 Roadmaster. Note the funky rear fender trim piece. also note the work being done on the Wildcat







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I would suggest that is work being done on a 55 or 56. Looks to me like clay work on the front end only while the rest appears to be a production produced model. Still a cool photo.  Thanx for an interesting picture 

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5 hours ago, Fr. Buick said:

But the interior trim is for sure a 54 Roadmaster.  

and the wheel covers. And the tail light area, with that little hump. I'm guessing they may indeed be adding new design elements to a 54 for the 55 or 56 year.I have had a '52 rear fender top chrome piece in the closet for years wondering if it would match the contour of a 54 rear fender hump, just never got around to trying it for fitment.

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