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Proof My Wife Listens-50 Buick toy

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Since I've bought my Buick, I come home and talk about what I did with it today and such.  She always listens politely, but I have suspected she doesn't really listen.  Yesterday was my birthday, look what she gave me.  As far as I can tell, this is a genuine toy from back in the day.  On the bottom, it says, "Made in Japan" or, as I grew up hearing it, Jay-pan.  I have deducted that it must be a Super, because it has a one piece windshield.



buick toy.jpg

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Interesting difference is the box shows 4 portholes and the car only has 3.  Also the side bright trim is more on the box picture and the car has a single spear on the side. 


The company might have used the same box for the different models.  Are there different illustrations on the different sides of the box?  


If I remember correctly, a Special has 3 and a Super has 4.  Correct me if I am wrong.


Nice B'day present.  You have a good wife.

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I think in '50, the Special and the Super shared the three hole hood, but the Super had the new 263 straight eight, one piece windshield, better interior, rear vent windows, just to name a few.  I believe that later, the Super did gain an extra ventaport.  Exactly what year that was, I'm not sure.

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Your wife is a great person.  I concur with the Super description. To hear it told here on this Forum the split windshield was Special only that year, and 4 portholes on a Super didnt start till '55. And I think the minimal side trim makes it an early production car. Lol.  Great find! Happy Birthday to you

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  Wife is  KEEPER!


   In 1950,  the ONLY year they are on the hood, Super and Special have three Ventiports.    Roadmaster, pictured on the box, has four.  This arrangement continued THROUGH 1954.  

 1955 it changed to all EXCEPT Special have four.


   The model you have was not made, I believe.  To my knowledge the only two door except convertible and two door hard top in 1950 was the Sedanet.[sp]


  1950 did indeed see the first one piece windshield ,  on the Super and Roadmaster.  One Model # in 1951-1952 still had two piece. I have never seen one.



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John D 


The only 50 with the extra side trim was the Roadmaster.  I just checked Walt Bruegger’s 50 thru 52 Buick Story.  It is a collection of ads for those years.  Super had available the extra side trim in ‘51 and ‘52.  This book s a collection of ads and original sales brochures.


Hope this is helpful to Sonomatic


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A fellow in my Chapter has a Black one, with the 3 speed stick. But can't put my finger on a picture at the moment. I know its a smaller engine and shorter front end fenders and hood but I like the proportions better.

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The same 1950 Buick Super Riviera 56R model as the OP but different colour and box art. A special gift that I received in the 1980s that came with a 6.5" x 3" certificate of title on card stock in the box.






Note that the rear window should be a three-piece.


Al Malachowski

BCA #8965

"500 Miles West of Flint"


EDIT:   Scale of model is 1:18. 



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