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Round holes in rear bumper.

Andy J

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When assembling the rear bumper on my '51 Chieftain,I noticed that there is a round hole on each side of the bumper,down low right at the end of the bumper. I don't have any idea what these holes are for. I looked at several pictures of cars,some had nothing in the holes,others had a round head bolt in the hole like a bumper bolt would have. Anyone know what these holes are for?


I also discovered you have to put the bumper guards on top of the bumper before you put the bumper on the car.

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I don't think it would be a brace to the frame because the lower quarter panel would be in the way.Do you see that round bolt on the very bottom of the bumper? That's the hole that I was curious about.It is to the right and below the last bumper bolt.


Yes,my car has those corner pieces on top of the bumper,also bumper guards that bolt on where the two rear bolts are located.There is also a cross piece between the bumper guards,on both the rear and front bumpers.

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Mine has those. It used to have the guards.


The hole just has a chrome cap bolt in now.


(It's lashing down with rain today, that's as close as I could get in the lee of the house without getting wet).


Though, saying that, I think the side guards go through the top holes, the rearmost bolts to the bumper iron and the front one actually bolts in at the lower front bolt hole.



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PhilAndrews,I think that I will just put shortened cap bolts through those holes as you have.I have looked at pictures until I am weary and I can't see or think of anything that bolts on through those holes,meaning the lower hole on each side. My restoration being almost completed,I have several braces that I have to figure out where they go. Again,not taking near enough pictures during disassembly has caused many headaches.It won't happen again.


Thanks everyone for helping me with the problems I've had.I'm planning on going to the ETC Flathead Reunion next September,providing I get everything sorted out and working properly. I plan to drive the car to the reunion,about 675 miles one way.

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