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Piecing in some vinyl flooring

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Before I had the '60 Dynaflow rebuilt I was putting a lot of ATF into the pores of my concrete floor.  The drips or flow taken care of I decided some area should be dedicated to summertime barefoot polishing. I am not planning any big dirty projects anyway. Ha......ha.


I got the ATF cleaned up in the '60 Buick's spot and put down a couple of coats of UGL white (really not planning to do hard work).

With a couple of tire track non-skids it looked pretty good.



But I could see it wasn't going to stay that way and I considered vinyl sheeting. Ollie's surplus store in our area had some nice "Grandma's upstairs bathroom style. So I gave that a try.


That's nice and a 9' X 19' was about $120. I bought two and did the least active side of the garage.




Then I picked up a large sheet a man had bought to make his driveway a dance floor for hid daughter's wedding, fifty bucks.

That went in the back on the other side. A "project" came in this year and I found rolling the floor jack and penetrating oil was doing in the edge. I am trying a transition strip and gluing down the leading edge. We will see how it goes down tomorrow and the glue sets.



I don't mind if the durability is not way up there. The expense has been low and I don't mind making repairs if needed. I do like it a lot.

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32 minutes ago, MrEarl said:
18 hours ago, 60FlatTop said:

summertime barefoot polishing

 pictures or dint happen....



It ain't just a figure of speech around here.


The polish and applicator is in an earlier picture with the vinyl. The white was too white.


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