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Shock absorber problem on my '51 Chieftain

Andy J

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Nearing completion of my '51 Chieftain,I went to install the new shocks and discovered they wouldn't fit,both front and rear.They lack 2"-3" of length to bolt up. I saved the old ones for comparison and they are the exact length as the new ones when extended fully. My question is: with the body off and engine and transmission out for over a year,is it possible the suspension "relaxed" and isn't allowing the weight of the body,engine,and transmission to return to its normal height? Everything is on the car except the interior components,which all total wouldn't weigh 100 lbs. I can pull it down with a come along or ratchet strap. I've put many shocks on in my time,but have never encountered something like this. When I let it off the lift,it sits really high.Nothing has changed except the interior isn't in it.


Suggestions welcomed,as advice.I am perplexed about this and really don't know the best thing to do.

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I think getting the shocks on will be a piece of cake compared to installing the grill. I am having a helluva time getting the grill put back on the car. I'm not looking forward to installing all the window glass channels and vent window seals,either. As much as that stuff costs,they ought to send some one to install it for you.

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I forgot to tell ya'll how I got them on. I put a chain through the upper control arm and under the floor jack. I didn't need but an inch,so just a little jacking gave me what I needed and all is well.

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