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1927 Buick standard model 27 gas tank

Don Garrett

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I would post this on the Buick page.  Being a Buick club member would allow you to advertise for free in the Magazine looking for one.  Exchanging/ rebuilding your gas tank would be money well spent.  You don't want to burn down your garage or your family up.

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The 1927 Standard tank I bought to replace the slighty leaking 1925 tank was about as bad or worse than yours. But the holes were on the top and pretty much like swiss cheese. I would have to find the photo the shop took of the before and after. Really bad!  A LOT of solderd up holes and a lot of lead on that unit before internal coating. I would have had my 1925 tank redone at the time but I bought the 1927 tank because it had a complete gas gage unit. Mine was missing in the 1925 as the previous owner had removed the bezel with a pipe wrench and crushed the tower and threads. Replacing the the now broken bezel and replacing the glass with plastic and a lot of sealer.

DSCF5836.JPG.b4ff39b0429a149f10c1c25408c79c42.JPGMy 1925 style gage now.

I see you have the remote cable drive unit.

What the internal float unit looks like on mine. Not done in the best fasion but at least I have a working gage. And accurate ...... to a gallon or 2!





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