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1919 Oakland Dr. Coupe Houk wheels won't come off


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1919 Oakland Doctors Coupe

Hub lock wire wheel won't come off the hub.


We believe they are Houk wire wheels installed. 


They are a center nut design with with 2 holes that uses a spanner wrench to remove. The pins of the spanner  depress levers of some sort in the hub to disengage the wheel so it can be spun off to take the wheel off. The reason a say we think they are houk wheels is I have yet to see any center hubs like ours in the pictures I've found of houk wheels on google. 


Anyway long story short we have been able to get 3 of the 4 wheels off to replace tires and tubes we can't get the left rear one to disengage the wheel. And therefore can't get it off. 





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They are Budd brand wire wheels. When the "wrench" is put on, one of the pins depresses the latch to unlock the hubcap from the wheel center. Check in the holes to be sure that the latch moves freely and that the pin disengages the latch. Your 3 hubcaps that are off will show you how that works. The left pin hole in your picture appears worn. perhaps that is the one with the latch and it does not line up properly.

Hope this helps.

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