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fan belt replacement

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Does anyone have idea which section of manual I would find instruction to install fan belt. i have the manual .

Havent a hard time getting belt on pass crankshaft wheel/hub



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Once you slacken the generator the belt should slip of the harmonic balancer quite easily. If the belt is slackened and you cant remove it from the crankshaft wheel /hub then the front engine mount may be collapsed or compressed which wil reduce the clearanace of the hub / balancer  to the mounting frame / crossmember . That in turn makes it difficult to remove the belt.  I have replaced numerous front engine mounts over the years on these vehicles and its due to age and oil exposure generally.  it may pay to check it.

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you likely have a failed front motor mount, the rubber likely has started to come apart, causing the engine to sit slightly lower in the front, a new engine mount and perhaps two large washer as a shim, should restore changing or removing the fan belt as easy as it's supposed to be.

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