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1946 Pontiac Coupe Fan Belt replacement. any tricks to get it on

Pont 46

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46 pontiace coupe, trying put new fan belt on . I have the smallest amount of clearance between the crankshaft wheel/hub and bottom frame member. I cant seemed to wedge the belt on the bottom hub, to work the belt on. I basically have to crawl inside the engine bay. 


I have the manual, but  cant find where the instuctions for this service is.


Do I need to take radiator shroud off for better access?

Remove fan itself?


Thinking about hiring some munchinks from Wizard of Oz to get in engine bay for me.


Any help greatly appreciated


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Just a update, was able to get belt on.  


I am not tall, so I laided down on top of fender, (dont do this right after lunch) rech down as far as I could sprayed the lower belt and crankshaft hub with some silcone lubricant, and worked the belt on. Surprisely went out easy. 

Thanks for all your help.

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