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Delco 5047988 wiper motor need information about 1 or 2 speed (50's Chevy)


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I bought a Delco wiper motor to convert my 52 Buick from vacuum to electric. My 52 Buick is 12V after converting from 6V to 12V.

The Delco# is 5047988. The motor runs perfectly accept it has only one speed (fast). Is it normal or does it has a failure in the switch?

Maybe someone can tell me if one speed is normal or not or how I can solve the problem.

I am looking forward to your answers.

Thanks and greetings from Germany



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A picture I found on the internet shows one electrical terminal. If it is only one terminal, it is only one speed. But, does that terminal slide? Seems to be a retainer for a physical cable on the motor too.

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