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1908 Haynes Model S ignition info needed

Ed  aka #4

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Trying to get a 1908 Haynes 4 cyl. 30 HP, running well. The motor runs but only at low rpms. This is a very old restoration and I'm not sure that the ignition system that is currently in the car is original and correct. In the coil box is 4 low tension boxes and 2 high tension tremblor coils, and those 2 tremblor coils are weak at best. The coil box appears to maybe not be original to the car as it has notches in the front where there appears to have been hinges mounted, but no signs of hinge mounting on the lid. I hate spending a lot of time and effort on this system only to find out that it's not even correct for the car. Can anyone help me out with some Haynes electrical info.? Thanks.

                   Ed  aka #4  

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Okay, I finally got pictures of the coil box. It's a Dayton. You can see the notches on the front of the box where I assume hinges were mounted, but none on the lid. Front mounted hinges make no sense so something has been altered sometime in the "life" of this car. In the bottom of this box are the low tension "boxes" and the 2 high tension coils are visible with the lid up.

Hannay Dayton coil box 11 15 22 (3).jpg

Hannay Dayton coil box 11 15 22 (1).jpg

Hannay Dayton coil box 11 15 22 (2).jpg

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