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1951 Dragon needs enthusiastic new owner

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An exceptionally solid Garaged  Dry Southern California 51 Dragon needs a new loving owner.  The car "running when parked" (garaged) was taken out of service for a waterpump repair sometime in the late 20th century.  Since then, its new waterpump has been in a box on the floor of the back seat area.  Many years of dust and flat tires confirm the mythical "barn find" condition.  Yes, it has the Maroon dragon interior in unbelievably pristine condition.  Cream steering wheel not even cracking. No vinyl top.  Grayish cream color with Maroon top. Clear clean glass.  Exterior will definitely clean up for preservation presentation.  So do I have your attention?  Good, because I don't know how to transfer the pictures that were texted to me into this topic, you're gonna have to PM me your email or cellphone for me to forward. Data tag model 512, Body 1, paint 614, Trim 2825.  In a perfect world, you could bring your trailer or rollback with a strong winch to Corona, California the weekend of December 2-3-4 and bring home this unique vehicle.  I'm trying to see if the tires hold air before then, and just how locked up the brakes may be, but NO promises on that, those kind of favors are hard to come by from far away.   Price negotiable, "all the guys" say its a $5-6,000 car, yeah, I sure wish it was running too.   Thank you.

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Paint 614 = Mineral Gray over Mariner Gray. Trim 2825 = Scarlet Dragon Vinyl


The 51 Dragon was a trim line offering, rather than a separate model like the 1953 car. Not common then, and far less common today.

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Jim - thank you for the information.  My guess is being in Ohio you ain't the guy who's gonna buy this, so please, tell me, as you are obviously in KF circles, who is the right guy to buy this?  My most likely guess is someone in Southern California...transport costs on inop vehicles are otherwise pretty frightening.  Thanks for your help.  OH, and I have been in communication with the KF Club secretary who is going to post the pictures on the KF Club website.  Hopefully that will help.


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