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1934 Hupmobile J-421 finally available...follow-up to earlier topic.


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A long awaited update to the initial string a few down the list.   Finally moved one of the cars blocking the garage and can now provide specifics as follows - 


1.  Hup tag Car No. T 5155, Body tag 411 12862.   Best I can now understand it is a 1934 J-421.

2. Bumpers are there, said to be rechromed.  

3. Rear seat bottom or back has been located., therefore best I can say is car is "nearly complete".

4. Paperwork is in order, California INOP registration and title.


Time for this to go to the next owner.  It is an extremely solid car, "running when parked" for interior restoration.  (yes, by the dust no secret this was long ago)


I have another dozen photos that were texted to me last weekend, and I have another car guy that will be "on-site" in a few weeks for followup questions.


Remember, this is in Corona, California.  Getting it extracted from the garage is not a straight shot, but I am working on logistics.   It'd be great for an enthusiastic person to help with this when the time comes.  Having it rolling and ready, pointed out the driveway just isn't gonna happen.


Please contact me with your serious interest.  Price will be fair, you must be able to arrange pickup, not just send a transporter.

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pictures are in the prior topic, and I have another dozen on my phone which I would be pleased to forward to you.  Car has not moved, changed, or been touched since last photos, other than the most recent group of photos texted to me including the aforenoted data plates.    And yes, I thought the T was significant to ID.   The engine pictures I have are from the passenger side, where there is clearly a big EE-22 carburetor.  Very tough to distinguish in the photos, as I could not see the distributor, or clearly count the spark plugs.  Also some bad data on the internet, such as the carburetor shop suggesting it is a 6cylinder.

I would greatly like to speak with someone knowledgeable on this car - Please pm me either phone to talk//text to, or email address.  Thank you, DAF

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