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1926 Buick Standard Coupe

Gino Roth

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Can anyone give me any tips on how I can remove the shift lever on my transmission without taking the whole transmission apart?  The shop manual is silent on this operation.  Just had the hand brake lever nickel plated and want to do the same for the shift lever but there is a limit on being sensible about it.  Maybe I will just take it down to bare steel and clear coat it.  Also, does anyone have a photo of the key that locks the transmission out?  I have a good locksmith in town but would like to show them what it looks like.  Has anyone taken the key lock out and what is the procedure?  Thanks!


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I think... that you undo the screw on the front and slide the cap up the shifter shaft. Then it looks like that cap may come off at the line just above the lock. Don't think it's screwed, just a tight fit. then there is a pin through the shifter . This is just from looking at a parts picture.  As Mentioned, the gearshift was never plated, just the brake lever.  

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