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1970 Country Squire

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I am putting my 1970 country squire back on the road very slowly. I've owned the 70 for 5 years now. I have just acquired a 69 parts car to help speed things along. Here's a few pictures of where I'm at now. My first major tasks are:

-get the rotten interior out of the 69.

- get the body of the 69 off of the frame and onto a chassis Dolly. 

- degrease and clean out the inside of the 69 frame.

- replace bushings, brakes, and lines on the 69 frame. 

- put a good internal and external frame coating on the 69 frame and get it ready for the engine and transmission. 


If I can get all of this done by spring time I'd consider that a huge success. 


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My grandparents bought a brand new '69 Country Squire in that same pale yellow with the same gold/tan interior.  They thought the yellow complimented the faux wood trim and I agree; it was a nice looking wagon.  They had the 390 V8.  My uncle was so impressed with it he bought a new '69 Country Sedan shortly thereafter.  Ford was the 'wagon master' in the '60s and '70s, in much the same way they are with the F-150 today.  Good luck with the restoration, I think the '69 & '70 wagons were the high water mark for Ford.


Are you planning to restore the '69 or the '70?  Or are you putting the '70 body on the '69 chassis?  390 also?


Oh, and I can still hear my grandfather saying "LTD - Long Time Due".  The '69 replaced their previous '59 Country Sedan, which was pretty well worn-out...


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I have a title for the 70, but the 69 frame is nearly perfect. So I'm going to keep the 70 registered and make 2 into one, however that ends up playing out. Both of these cars are 429, c6, 9 inch cars. I didn't realize how many minor differences there were between the years. 

Here's what I have from each car:


- nearly perfect interior showing a little age. Drivers seat bottom is torn and dash pad has a crack. 

- complete car. 

- engine has been made to run for about 10 minutes. Needs pulled for lots of maintenance. 

-Frame has no rust holes but lots of surface rust. 

-body is very rusty. 



- body is fairly clean except for where mouse nests have sat for a few decades. 

- parked in 93 outside. 

- interior is trash. 

- Frame is as clean as my 2004 ford truck. 

- no engine, trans,

- missing hood, cowl, fenders, grille, core support, front bumper, rad, condenser, trans cooler, etc. 


Between the two cars I think I have one good car and a pile of parts /scrap left over. 


I've never done body work before but would like to try to do this in house. I can't currently afford 20k in bodybwork on a car that will be worth 30k tops if it's a perfect restoration, which this will not be. We'll see.. 

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