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Chuck Beck 1958 Lister Corvette

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I guess that Chuck Beck can fit in here as he is the only person/shop that has the Lister Company to produce their cars. Yes, it is a replica. Our car was made in 1997, but titled as a 1958 Lister.

Chuck is a neighbor and is one of the greatest craftsman I have ever known. He has also built Porsche Speedster (Jame Dean type), 904 and 914 Porsche. In the meantime he built around 30 Listers. 

Here is ours. Specs: Chevrolet ZZ3 Crate motor, highly modified including fuel injection, fuel cell 17 gal. Handmade tube frame. Corvette suspension. Halibrand wheels. Weighs in at about 1800 pounds, a little over three feet tall at the top of the windscreen. Your butt is about 5.25 inches from the asphalt. With modifications it does 0-60 in 3.2 seconds. Top end about 180 mph until you run out of ideas! B-Listering acceleration!311796433_9087227861302547_7722012190376932679_n.jpg.d349184af1bb959b7efdd6ec21c17b8f.jpg




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