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Front Spring Rubber Bumper 1946 pontiac

Pont 46

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Hello I have a 46 pontiac sport coupe.  trying to install Front Spring Rubber Bumper, its where the level shock arm comes down and meets the frame. This is the push in type. its not the bumper that has the threaded part.

So bascially trying to push a large rubber part into a smaller hole.

it reminds me on the time, I tried to put 10 lbs of potates in a 5 lbs bag

Any help would be appreciate 




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I have had success by soaping with dish washing liquid.Sort of tilt it to get a part of it into the hole and then push hard on it and start turning it,kind of screwing it into the hole.It'll go,just keep at it.

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If the usual methods aren't working, boil it first. Then while it is still hot, either use some of this:




Or some of this:





No substitutes, especially if you go the CRC silicone route. ;)  It isn't the same as the others. Don't dally. The CRC silicone is more effective by far when it is still soaking wet.


Have a couple of super crappy worn out and decidedly dull regular screwdrivers handy to help work it. The bigger and duller the better. It makes damage to the rubber less likely.


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