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need part for Borg Warner R11 overdrive

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I usually frequent the Packard area but I thought I might introduce myself and call on any of you Ford enthusiasts that might be able to help me. I live in Lawrenceburg, TN just south of Nashville and I have a 1956 Packard Clipper Super 2dr HT with a Borg Warner T-85 transmission and an R11-1E Overdrive unit. I am told it is the same unit used in some late 50's Ford products and possibly others. As a matter of fact the tailshaft dust cover on mine has the FoMoCo stamp on it and it came directly out of a 56 Clipper. What I need is the plastic speedometer drive gear that slides up the tailshaft. Mine is a neutral color and has 8 teeth that point Northeast. I would settle for something close at this point. Please contact me at daveknight327a@hotmail.com if you can help with the part or any advice. Thanks.

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I found the part at Northwest Transmission in Ohio 1(800) 327-1955. John (the owner, I think) was very helpful and kept on trying until he found it for me. The price was very resonable as well and it was the exact part I needed.

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