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Wanting to catch up with a old friend!


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Back in the 1990s I sold this Pierce Arrow truck to a good friend that lived on the south coast of England. In 2016 he passed away at the age of 100, he was having a restoration shop restore it for him but I have never been able to find out if it got finished or what became of it. Any help in tracking this truck down would be greatly appreciated. It was part of a contract with the French government, the brass plates on the driver's side of the firewall were in English and French. The war ended before it could be shipped across the pond.

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Before sending this Pierce Arrow truck over to my friend he had just finished the restoration on a Liberty truck, he found part of one in England and then he purchased another truck out of Spain and put the two trucks together. He told me that each truck had come from a different manufacture, everything went well until they tried to combine the transmissions. He told me that each company have used a different pitch on the gears, so he had to have a bunch of gears made in order to have one good working transmission. Here is a image of the completed Liberty truck. Some folks may not know that the Liberty trucks were built to one set of plans issued by the US government by many different truck builders here in the states. The idea was that parts could be robbed off one truck on the battle field and used to get operational another truck.   


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