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Wooded spoke wheels

Ken scheppler

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I don't know what those are off of. One Willys Knight hubcap, one Haynes hubcap. One wheel has some silly stuff on it, some sort of monkey business around the hub? 

Drop center wooden spoke wheels are very unusual, and these would likely be for some car around 1930 to 1934 even. Possibly even a year or two later.

Several high end cars continued to offer wooden spoke wheels that late. Many people were slow to accept the (then) modern pressed steel wheels, and preferred the more familiar wooden spoke wheels. They were more popular then than they are today as an option. Although a few crazy people today like me actually do like them!

Good luck with the sale! I really do hope these find their way onto an appropriate car!


I would suggest editing your thread title to mention that these are very late wooden spoke wheels. People reading the current title will expect typical 1920s era Ford or Buick wheels.

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