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1927/8 Chrysler brake parts

viv w

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Hi All, 

 I have been buying parts for my 1926 Chrysler G70 and 1928 Model 62 and for many years  I've shipped parts to my sister in Canada, so that I can later freight parts I needed over to me.

 I have these brake parts that are sitting in Canada that are excess to requirements and need to go, if you are interested in them please PM me and if you think my price is too high, then shoot me an offer. Price does not include shipping/postage. The condition of the 2 wheel  cylinders is not known and may need work. Sold as is. 




Rear brake backing plates L+R with brake bands, mechanism and wheel cylinders, as seen in pictures. These came off a series 72 wreck. As far as I can tell these parts also fit series 62, the later 27 series G70(finer 70) and possibly the series 60. The cylinders will not fit early 1926 series B70 and G70, nor will they work on series 50/52 and 58.

Asking 200usd plus shipping for both sides.










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