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Any comfortron experts out there?


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And an exorcist.


Some of the big frustrations with Comfortron are that things changed year to year in an effort to make the things more reliable, and the individual Divisions each put their own spin on things. So what works on an Olds may be completely different on a Buick, Cadillac, Pontiac or Chevrolet. Yes, even full-sized Chevrolet could have Comfortron, and theirs didn't work any better than anyone else's. The basic idea is the same, but controlled differently.


Try putting the system in De-Ice. That's supposed to bypass the automatic fan controls and force the blower to start.


Past that, Comfortron blower operation is tied to coolant temperature, a master vacuum switch, and a blower speed range switch.


Yup. You need the factory CSM. 


The Comfortron Tester was one of the GM Dealer Essential Tools if that tells you how complex the system is.


I'll send you a PM with the Toronado Owners Association Comfortron advisor's contact info. The Olds and Buick E cars should be similar enough where he can help.

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