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'48 Chrysler Windsor $10K OBO

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Looks to be fairly priced. Long winded ad!   These cars always make me think of Harry Truman. 


1948 Chrysler Windsor Fluid Drive

What is Fluid Drive?
Does have a clutch, but has a fluid flywheel, so can sit at traffic light without having to push in the clutch! Has two gears, when accelerating in 1st, and letting off the throttle, a fluid/solenoid system automatically changes up to the second gear (all be it a little slowly, but with a satisfying clunk). A kick down switch is on the carburetor to automatically changes down a gear if you floor it. Then a manual column gear shift to change to High range, where the same two gears operate. So, two auto gears, that operate in Low or High range. Ingenious! It will pull away quite easily in High range. Only need low range for low speeds or up steep hills. Many NY Taxis used these Chryslers in the 40’s as Auto transmissions hadn’t been invented.

The Good:
Original car stored for many years by the previous owner’s aunt in a garage in Tennessee.
Original ‘Spitfire’ flat head 6, Fluid Drive transmission and 6v electrics.
The aunt had the interior and exterior restored back in the late 70’s in Tennessee. Still holds up pretty well today, see pictures.
Previous owner had it shipped years ago to Pasadena, where it was stored inside for several more years before I purchased it as a running/driving car back in May 2015.
I performed the following upgrades:
Replaced all tires including spare with radial white walls. 7.60 R15 American Classic. (They are manufactured to look like period cross ply’s).
Fitted new carburetor and fuel filter
Fitted new 6v coil and electronic ignition
Front disc brake conversion.
Fitted new parking brake shoes.
Had steering box professionally rebuilt
Fitted inertia reel seat belts, 2 in front with lap belt in middle and 3 inertia reels in the back.
Fitted 6v Halogen headlamps
New 6v Battery
New high amp battery cables
Replaced 6v generator with 6v alternator
Fitted rev counter
Had new muffler fitted
Changed engine oil/filter
Purchased new twin windshield and rubbers (Not fitted).
Obtained replacement glove box (not fitted)
Dropped sump, cleaned and new gaskets and new engine oil
Had radiator professionally repaired as slight leak near filler neck.
All original parts and some spares come with car.
Registered in my name. No back fees as currently registered on non-op.
I drove it around for about 18 months, great fun!
54,317 miles on the odometer, but no idea of course if this is actual miles. I can say the speedo and odometer do work.
The Bad
Currently a non-runner since late 2017.
The compression has gone, probably needs an engine rebuild.
I’ve lost interest. It was going to be a retirement project, but my wife passed away and I’m now planning to return to the UK.
A beautiful original daily driver when running again. Will make a great project for some lucky person.
If the ad is still up, it is still available. No trades, I don't need help selling it.
I'll consider reasonable offers.   Call or text me.


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Even though the engine lost compression it still strikes me as a lot of car for the money and a pretty car at that!  I hope it goes to a good home and the engine gets rebuilt....

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You need to edit the title of this thread.  It's very confusing as written.


 Having owned a '48 Windsor,  I can say they are great cars.  But the unexplained "loss of compression" here would really concern me.   Normally, these flathead Mopar sixes are bulletproof.   Something really bad must have happened to this engine.   This car might be a good buy if you could get it for about half of what he is asking.

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22 minutes ago, deac said:

Even though the engine lost compression it still strikes me as a lot of car for the money and a pretty car at that!  I hope it goes to a good home and the engine gets rebuilt....

I agree 100%.

I would be interesting to know if the engine was smoking or making unusual sounds. Did it loose compression all at once and are all the cylinders reading low. 



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I can recall the old timers that hung my older brother's gas station talking about postwar Chryslers having some difficulty with valve guide clearance, especially in cold weather. They said that it was common to have to pull the head and ream the guides in order to keep the valves from hanging up in an open position. I had forgot about that until now. I wonder if there is any truth to it.

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This is really a give away price .If I was not in Belgium and i had room enough because I have already to many cars i would buy it asap .But i guess i am not alone in this position .This weekend I am going to the Mannheim swap meet in Germany and promised my wife to buy certainly no car .

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