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1922-23 Dodge Bros. Screeside serial number location?


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I have the remains of a 1923 Dodge Bros. Screenside.  I have been carefully looking in the usual, passenger car, location for the serial number.  I have found nothing in that location. No stamp marks at all.  Is it possible that these commercial chassis have the serial numbers in a different location? If so where would the alternative location be? Picture are good for reference if you are able.


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If by usual passenger location, you mean, right side top of the crossmember front seat under your heel, sorry don't know of any other location except maybe, the number stamped on the frame did change locations to right side frame member near the right-side rear spring bracket at some point, but not sure of the change date. My 1920, while the numbers are rather large, they are not deeply stamped. You may need to remove paint or rust to see them.

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I had this same question asked of me a couple of years ago. So, I took these two pictures (from my '23 Screen Side) to illustrate the locations:


ENGINE:  On a flat / casting boss directly above the Carb inlet.


FRAME:  Above the front spring shackle. said those 'Kids000_0012.jpg.2c6b3985450d691344d43280f2e040b5.jpg' were used to


Note: I was told the "Brothers" used Child Labor in their Factory (An accepted fact at the time) - The "D-B Guru" who told me this, said they couldn't handle a hammer, heavy enough to stamp the numbers (Not very hard) - So they aren't that easy to find.


I have never (on 4 Restorations) found that number that is supposed to be "somewhere" on one of the frame crossmembers.


Tip: Use a 4" grinder with a "Wire Wheel" to grind off the paint & rust. To gain easy access - It's easier if you take off the wheel & tire.. 


Good luck,


"P-W Dude" in California


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