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Exhaust Donuts, leaks, 66 Galaxie but applicable to many


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My 66 Galaxie 390 has continual issue with the passenger side exhaust donut leaking after some 500 miles.  I tighten it up, and in some 500 miles, leaks again!!  At 1500, need replacing.  I suspect the major issue is the donut I get is about .08" to large to fit snuggly around the inner stub pipe.  So tightening the 2 nuts only mutilates the donut.  My current attempt is to use a smaller donut, slice it, work it over the inner stub pipe, fill the gap with high temp silicon, let it dry, tighten, hope for 600 miles!!


I would have a proper sized donut machined from copper, but that may not seal very good. 


Any thoughts??


Tom in VA

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Thnx Bob, I might do the same. 


I see  my problem - the short stub pipe Waldrons puts in is not expanded to be the proper diameter for a good grip on the donut's inside diameter.  I bought a short section from another supplier (stevetrekker) on eBay, that has the correct expansion. , see pic. 

header pipe w expnsn .JPG

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