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Upcoming Auction: Studebaker and Chrysler Cars & Trucks - Berrien Springs, Michigan October 22, 2022


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30 minutes ago, alsancle said:

I always wonder how someone can end up with this much stuff.  A lot of it crushable.


However I think this might be worth the time and effort.  Yes, it is a President.  Not as cool as a 3 window, but still super rare and neat.






These 'deposits' of project cars nearly always include a few 'rare minerals' such as the eight-cylinder Presidents, albeit also usually in dire need of restoration.  Most of the late model ruck should have been allowed to process through the norm attrition cycle without cluttering up and taking space longer than it would have anyway.  Dearly hope those late 1920's President FA and FH plus the 1940's President Land Cruisers find good conservators.  No need to worry about the Coupe Express pick-ups, they're always in demand, regardless of how rough.


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