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1939 Buick Special Fuel Pump


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HI All,

I was wondering if someone knew the part number for a fuel pump for my 1949 buick special straight 8. Started it up today and gas was pouring out of it. Cant seem to find a pic that looks like mine. Can you just put in a 6 Volt electronic fuel pump? Thanks in advance!

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The above picture is of a correct 39 special fuel pump and with a repair kit from Bob's Automobilia etc they're easy to repair. It's advisable to get a modern kit with a neoprene diaphragm which is resistant to ethanol in current fuels. It's also not a bad idea to install an electric fuel pump rated at 3 or preferably 4 psi. Modern fuel has volatile light components which make them better suited for fuel injected cars. Unfortunately, the light light components in modern fuels make older carburetor cars susceptible to vapor lock. I can post the part number for a 39 mechanical fuel pump and a suitable electric fuel pump is you need it.




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ok. got it pulled. and was thinking about it. Mine may not be a special. not sure how to really tell but it says buick eight on the back. Only numbers I can really see are 1523688 and ac 47. here are some more pics. sorry for flooding messages. 

Think this kit would work






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