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Early REO - 1 & 2 Cyl Meeting at Hershey

Roger Garnett

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There will be a meeting for REO 1 & 2 cylinder owners and fans at Hershey, at 

1:00 Thurs Early REO the Curved Dash Olds club tent in the red field, RWK25 to 29  

  • Resurrecting the REO 1 & @ registry
  • Collecting & preserving Early REO history
  • On-line forums - The Early REO group,  Facebook, REO Club, AACA, etc
  • Owners, cars, parts -  tech,  projects, needs, fabrication
  • All REO 1 & 2 cylinder cars & trucks, 1904-1914
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Hi few years ago sold my 2cyl prodject but starting an 08 1cyl prodject like know of any sources for help/ parts

Don't get to Hershy much but trying to 

West coaster

Thanks for any help or direction


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