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1940 G70 for sale


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1940 Oldsmobile G70

Four Door Sedan


This was my son’s restoration project, but he went off to college, moved, etc., and the rest is history.


  • Engine is a 230 Cu in in-line 6 cylinder. Totally rebuilt top to bottom. Journal measurements within .0001 in of factory original specs.

Last run was about five years ago. Purred like a kitten...seriously.


  • Engine has about two miles on it since the rebuild.

  • Tires also only have about two miles on them.

  • 3 speed transmission.

  • Rebuilt carburetor.

  • We added an electric fuel pump in parallel to the original (rebuilt) fuel pump for easier starts.

  • New water pump.

  • New motor mounts.

  • Radiator rodded out.

  • New front end wiring harness (engine compartment and dash).

  • New headlight wiring.

  • New weatherstripping on all four doors.

  • New Windshield rubber.

  • New fuel line from tank.

  • New clutch lining.

  • New Exhaust system.

  • New brake shoes.

  • Four new tires.

  • Door panels have been recovered.

  • Car is complete.

  • Includes:

    • Radio, which it did not have originally. Also, have the original blank dash panel.

    • Many, many extra parts.

    • Old motor mounts.

    • Original shop manuals, large and small versions.

    • Owners manual.

    • Etc.










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I just went through your building thread again and watched the video of the engine running. Good motivation! Sorry you are selling after all your work but I see you have others to keep you busy.

I have a '40 Olds 70 series 2 door. It has been in the family since 1957. I acquired it in 1994, went through all the same stuff you did on engine rebuild in '95. I feel like we had some similar challenges getting it to run right. We drove it for a while then around 2008 put it in storage for about 12 years. Retired now and ready to get it running again, now I feel like I'm starting all over again.

I'd like to compare notes and get your thoughts on some things. My membership is new so I can't private message you. If you will, please reach out to me.



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