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1929 Oldsmobile Convertible Roadster


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I'm wondering if anyone knows how many convertible roadsters were built in 1929?

Is there deluxe as well as standard models?

I'm told there was 19 right hand drive cars made as well?

Any help appreciated, not much has turned up with a search but maybe I missed it.




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Standard Catalog of Oldsmobile 1897-1997 indicates 947 Standard, 335 Special and 1013 Deluxe 1929 F-29 roadsters were produced. No breakout on RHD cars. Check with National Antique Olds Club www.antiqueolds.org to see if they have RHD production figures.


Specials had twin side mount spare tires, trunk rack and front and rear bumpers. Cost $75 over the Standard.


Deluxes had the Special equipment plus wire wheels and chromed headlight shells. Cost $130 over the Standard.

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