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Otto Horz Stroke 1 Cyl Gas Engine - Can some give me some history on this one?


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I know some of those engines can go for really big bucks, but THAT?

I don't know if this thing is actually connected to THE Otto? But if it is, that could explain it. Otto was the designer of some gasoline/vapor engines that came before the four cycle engines used by both Benz and Daimler in their 1886 first automobiles. I also know that some Otto engines were manufactured and sold back in the mid to late 1800s. IF (that big IF) it is one of those really early engines? It could almost be the Holy Grail of early engines for serious collectors.

I can't recall seeing any good pictures of real early Otto engines. But somehow I have doubts this is THAT early?

Early and stationary engine collectors are as fanatical as early tractor collectors. Even common stuff can go for quite a bunch of dollars! Rare stuff, can go for huge money! I once saw a rare tractor Moto-Meter sell for over seven thousand dollars! Two owners of the about five surviving tractors wanted to be the only one with an original Moto-Meter for their tractor!

I have seen early 1900s stationary engines sell for about $20,000! (I used to know a couple collectors.) But this? Never seen that much before.



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This engine is being discussed on the Smokstak forum, going into some detail. It's a slide-valve flame ignition engine, so that's going back to the earliest days of the IC engine and not common today. A complete engine would be a proper museum piece.



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Wow! A thousand dollars for each day of the year! (Just putting it into perspective!) For a relatively small old piece of machinery the likes of which could at any time be found hiding in or behind an old barn, or even a farmer's junk pile or out of the way antique store!

I wonder how many people are going to go nuts searching for one in a hundred places? I wonder how many such engines might suddenly show up because people might have one hiding in their junk pile?

I have learned more about these particular engines in the past few days than I have learned about them in fifty years! I was in high school when 

I read about them! Only occasionally catching some minor mention that would refresh my memory slightly.


Thanks again Craig G!

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I see the engine was owned by Harold Warp's Pioneer Villiage. I think some of the price may have been to keep the organization up and running. A couple of rich fellows, or organizations, trying to see who was willing to donate the most and also end up with a prize. Also it is a very rare engine. If they are spending that kind of money, they can also afford to have the missing parts made for it. If any of you get near Minden, Nebraska, the Pioneer Village is worth the visit. I've been there. They have the oldest Buick in exsistance. The collection is phonomenal. Lot's of unrestored and original autos in the hanger type buildings also. As many oganizations, I have heard that they have struggled to stay afloat the past few years. Look here for more info


Dandy Dave!  

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