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Please help ID a Pair of chrome headlights from our recent swap meet


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At our recent CARS & PARTS SPRINGFIELD SWAP MEET & CAR SHOW event in Ohio, a vendor had a fairly large pair of chrome headlights for sale. He had no idea what they might fit. I noticed an unusual "crest" at the top of each headlight ring, and wondered if the experts on this forum might recognize them. I didn't have a tape measure with me at the time, so I put my hand in one photo to give you an idea of size. 


Any ideas? 

Headlight Spfld 9-22 chrome 1.jpg

Headlight Spfld 9-22 chrome 2.jpg

Headlight Spfld 9-22 chrome 3.jpg

Headlight Spfld 9-22 chrome 4.jpg

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