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For Sale: Plymouth - $15,000 (Beverly Hills, FLORIDA)

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Most coupes of this Era (late 30's- mid-40's)  would look pretty ugly dressed in all white...very few pre-war cars will look good in white... but for me.. this coupe, with it's shape and lines... carries the white well... and the way he presents it, Peeking out of the garage like that.. makes the front grill view look rather handsome... I would think it might take very little to make it a decent 'driver''...... that seem like the going fair market price now-a-days.. for a Coupe in this shape... drive able...  just my 2 cents ....

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I kind or like this car, the square headlights look cool IMO. But I would agree that white  does nothing to enhance the looks of this car. I just noticed that it must never rain in the area that this car is located, as there are no windshield wipers. 

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