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Searching for a horn part.


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So, heres to you guys that have boxes of old horn parts laying around.

This is a 90-degree piece that kind of resembles plumbing.

It is brass.

It passes the sound from that silly vibrating mechanism to the trumpet part, changing the angle 90-degrees.

It looks like this one was brazed together and the brazing failed.

I was lucky that when it came apart I was almost stopped, but I heard it hit the pavement and then the bottom of the car. Amazingly it suffered no damage.

The threaded part is no longer attached to the brass 90 degree part. The threaded part goes into that black cover and locates with a jam nut. The trumpet attaches in a similar way.

Does anybody out there have a piece that looks like the first picture?

I guess I forgot to snap a pic if the threaded part separated from the brass elbow. (Maybe it can be seen in the third picture where I threaded the sleeve onto the cover and set the elbow next to it) If I trusted my own brazing I might be able to fix this. But would prefer a good solid used elbow with that threaded sleeve already attached.











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