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Mid 1930s Chrysler Mopar trunk lid hinge ID

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I have three different Chrysler / Plymouth trunk lid hinges. Can some one ID the years & if different models had different hinges back in the 1930s? They are all listed in eBay but the years are crossing all over each other.

The two that almost look the same, I see them listed for Chrysler Dodge Ply. desoto, but years jump around from 1934 to 1937. The third single hinge seems from 1937 to 39.  Ones that show a part # are all different than mine. Makes me think some of the sellers don't know what they have either?




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The 37/39 one, I was not sure if it/ the bottom one would fit all models, Thank you.

Of the other two, which one do you think may be 36 coach only? It must be the shorter more flatter one of the two, It has a 6 digit ID, but every one I have seen has a different part # than my. Part # 706411. 

So the longer one of the two may be aftermarket? It is stamped H5R & a stamp 54. I know they will not fit the same trunk lid. Bolt pattern is different in length. But do you think they are both 1936, but for different models? I have not found much on mopar hinges except on eBay. So it's hard to learn the difference in years changes & model interchangeability. It can be hard to trust eBay sellers Info.

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20 hours ago, TerryB said:
M-86  706411  R O/S TRUNK HINGE (SEE ALSO 1063653 P 36 2D; D, DS, C 35-36  38 


From Len Dawson parts lookup.  Includes Chrysler 35-36.

Thank you for the info & the site. I will start using tDowson Parts lookup to help ID my un-none part#s...

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19 hours ago, thehandleman said:

The H5R is is equivalent to mopar part number 713918 the R is Right side it fits 1936 Chrysler Sedan only

good luck that is from my research and my book

Thank you, So my hinge must be a aftermarket, not having 6 digit numbers? The chrome looks to new for original chrome? 

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Thank you all for your INFO & the site I will start using to help identify other parts I have saved. It is time for me to start offering my collection to other car guys/gals...

Now if I could just find those very rare early 1936 Pontiac taillights & stands I have wanted for years.

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