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Buik sedan 67 1934, Front doors


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6 hours ago, Battaglia said:

I send photos, too explain better my problem


We are not there to measure things or look at everything.


The most important starting point of body wood install, is that the front door hinge pillar must be 90 degrees to the main wooden body sill.  You must get that correct first, and let us know if it's wrong.


Your front door gap to the cowl looks fairly good between the 2 hinges, so that is a good thing.


Also, the main wooden lowest body sill needs to be 100% level with the top of the car chassis frame when doing wood.   So, the front pillar must be set at 90 degrees to the main lower wood sill, and that wooden sill also needs to be level with chassis to start finding out what is wrong. 



It could be that the main body shell got bent out of shape when wood was gone, or it could be that the back of body is too high, but those are foolish guesses until we know if the hinge pillar is at 90 degrees.


Any body rewooding must start with the cowl and firewall sitting parallel with the sill, and parallel with the chassis.   The firewall should also be 90 degrees to the chassis, measured in front of the firewall.  The cowl and front hinge pillar must be correct, before going any further, like trying to shim the cowl to fix the door.  (Don't try to fix one mistake with more mistakes, start with the cowl and get to perfect 90 degrees).



Yes, body to frame shims are sometimes used after the body is all frebuilt, but those are only to make very minor adjustments, not major ones like your problem.

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I think you need to start with a good set of door hinge pins.  You can buy new  door hinge pins and re-bush your  hinge brackets for a tight fit.   Having done this will help you with your future fit.  Patience is the key with this type of work.  Like a "Bad Marriage" you can work through it.  

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