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1923 Jewett De Luxe Phaeton Tourer $8,500 Reduced: Now $5K

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I had to look at the pictures a while to figure this out. Apparently a partial restoration (one side is painted)


6 cylinder Oak wood frame All the wood and the gauges are there Top frame is there
Crank handle is there  As you can see it needs a total restoration, but definitely a good idea to do so.
This is an extreme, extreme, extreme rare opportunity to own an original JEWETT
I do consider partial trades. Let me know what you have Engine seems loose and turns over by hand.
We are in the process of obtaining a title for it. It has an engine number and I will make a bill of sale
Trailer is not included in the sale here Located in Las Vegas NV  (702) 290-1299


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I saw pictures of a car in a museum a few years ago. It was cosmetically restored on one side, and left as "field find" on the other. The idea was to show the difference between what it was, and what it could become. Interesting visual effect? But kind of a waste of a vehicle?

I can't help but wonder if this was done for a similar reason?

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Companion car to the Paige line, named after Paige Detroit president Harry Jewett. He was an interesting gentleman, self made millionaire invested in the newly formed Paige Detroit in 1908. Learned company mismanagement was putting his investment at risk and took over the company! Paige became one of the best and most profitable startup automobile manufacturers in the industry. Between 1912 and 1927, they lost money in only one year, the same recession year that was the only year Ford also lost money! Most years dividends were near 100 percent of original investment (very rare in those early days of the automobile). Harry Jewett made another personal fortune, and when it was past time to retire? The also by then aging and wealthy board didn't want to continue without his excellent leadership! So they sold out to the Graham Brothers who were flush with cash from their settlement from the Dodge sellout to Chrysler. (Turned out to be bad timing for the Graham Brothers with the 1929 financial crash!)

The Jewett was a fine mid price car, a good performer, and won many economy runs! Harry Jewett was a trained engineer, and the Paige and Jewett cars were well designed in spite of their "assembled" car status.

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  • Leif in Calif changed the title to 1923 Jewett De Luxe Phaeton Tourer $8,500 Reduced: Now $5K

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