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62 invicta convertible question


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Greetings, I need some advice/suggestions. 


 the convertible top motor/pump died.  Any suggestions for a source for a new one?  I'm not ruling out a rebuild but at 60 years old . . .  (the car that is).  I'm assuming the apparatus is behind the rear seat; doesn't look like you can access from the trunk??  How difficult is it to get to the top motor and replace it?


Thanks for any help.



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The hydraulic pump/motor is generally accessible from inside the trunk, but am not certain per your Buick. You might need to remove the back seat, but I'd be surprised.

I got my pump and all new hoses from Hydro-E- Lectric  with Excellent results


Complete set $609  - includes:

Convertible Hydraulic System, Free Shipping! Two top cylinders, one motor pump, and complete hose set available as a kit for a reduced price plus free shipping!!

Direct fit for your 1962 Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, Oldsmobile, and Pontiac full size cars. Our convertible hydraulics come with a 5 year warrantee. 


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