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Mystery cylinder head


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Not mine, just passing on this one that was posted on a facebook page by one Raymond Drake.


He writes - "Several years ago I acquired the parts collection of a long time car restorer and collector. This person mostly collected V16 Cadillacs, Senior Packards, Duesenbergs, along with Hudson/Essex vehicles. I do not think this cylinder head fits any of those marques. I suspect that it is probably off of a late teens or early 20’s car. It is a six cylinder head that uses 7/8 18 spark plugs, it has a shaft coming off the front for mounting a fan which suggests that it was fitted with a remote water pump. Unfortunately, there are no markings. Thanks for looking!"


It is odd that there are no casting marks. He makes a comment about the possibility of a remote water pump, but I think the large size of the top hose suggests it had thermosyphon cooling. No dimensions given unfortunately.


UPDATE - apparently the head is approximately 24 1/2" long and 8" wide, and the cylinder bore is about 2 3/4" - so not a big engine.


May be an image of outdoors


May be an image of outdoors


May be an image of outdoors

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