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Series 9B Owen Dyneto Rebuild


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Help! I rebuilt my '21 Franklin 9B Owen Dyneto starter/generator over 20 years ago. Have been driving the car and having fun.


By golly, I'm actually wearing the car out! My starter just stopped working. However, the generator portion is still doing its job. 


Need some recommendations on where to send the unit for inspection/repair. Been searching this and other forums and not getting solid leads - a lot of people have retire/gone out of business.


Can anyone recommend someone?


If the problem is just brushes, is this unit something I can repair myself or should this task be left to an expert?



P.S. I also posted this on the Franklin Enthusiasts forum to get additional coverage.

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I had excellent results with Jason, the owner of Advanced Electrical Rebuilders in Grand Ledge, Michigan

He completely rebuilt the Starter-Generator from my 1914 Buick



(866) 228-0218


AER  16574 S. Bauer Rd Grand Ledge, MI 48837


From Jason's website:


Welcome To AER

Advanced Electrical Rebuilders is not your typical “Auto Electric” rebuilder. We specialize in the odd, rare and unique units that most rebuilders stay away from. Our primary focus is on the antique auto market, restoring Generators, Starters, Distributors, Regulators, Solenoids and more.We have the experience, capabilities, resources and equipment to restore or repair any unit that comes through the door no matter what its age, application or condition.

The goal of this website is to provide potential customers with a virtual showroom where you can see our attention to quality and detail as well as our wide range of capabilities. Hopefully we have accomplished this so you can feel comfortable with your decision to allow us to work on any unit that you may have needing service.

If we have missed something or if you have any questions please feel free to contact us using the provided toll-free phone number, email or contact us form. We hope to meet or speak to you in person soon and look forward to taking care of any restoration or repair you may need køb cialis. Thanks for stopping by!


Of course, you have probably already checked for adjusting the initial engagement rod to see if the unit does start to "motor" prior to engaging the ring gear.

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Good news. The Owen Dyneto starter/generator does NOT need rebuilding.

It was the battery after all.  


Following the advice from another Franklin member, I load-tested the battery. It showed a charge of over 12 volts and the lights and horn worked great. However, when load tested, the battery failed.


Replaced the battery and the starter worked perfectly.  YAY!!!


Checked the battery date and it was installed in the Franklin in 2010. Pretty good lifespan. 


Thanks to everyone for their advice. I will continue in my attempts to purchase a set of brushes, however. They're scarce/unavailable at the present time.


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