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'51 Pontiac molding fasteners needed

Andy J

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These are the only things I need to finish installing the molding on my '51 Pontiac.I need 10 of these,but only have 4. They are in my shop somewhere,but can't be found.I have searched the internet and cannot find them anywhere.If anyone knows where I can get some or have some that I can buy,please let me know.


As you can see,they are about 5/8" wide and around 5/8" tall.They are metal and have hooks on the bottom that slide onto the mounting bracket on the back of the molding.You push or bump them in with your hand and they catch the back of the sheet metal.

Pontiac 003.jpg

Pontiac 007.jpg

Pontiac 002.jpg

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Andy, which moulding is this clip for, (I do see its R R in photo) and what model number of your car? 


This clip maybe used on other GM model cars also, IF Kornkurt does not have them.




EDIT: @Andy J the rear door belt moulding clip (for round hole) shares the same part number with Chevy 1955 thru 1957 part # 4595034, this may help to widen tour search for clips.


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This molding is on the right rear door on the bottom of the window opening.All four doors us these same fasteners because you can't get behind the molding to bolt it on.The lower molding on the doors is bolted on from access openings in the door.


I have searched for these fasteners until I am weary.They are in my shop somewhere when they fell off the molding during handling.I guess I'll just have to spend a few hours pulling stuff off the shelves to find them.I don't throw anything away.

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