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Please identify these parts

Doctor's Pontiac

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These parts have been in the trunk of my 41 Oldsmobile sedan with Hydramatic transmission  since I brought the car home nearly 2 years ago. Sitting next to a huge jack that I suppose is original.


First 3 photos show what looks like a transmission cover. No part number even after cleaning with steel brush. Transmission cover for Olds is # 4.105 and certainly different. 







Next 2 photos look like some heavy support brackets. Part # are H75001 and H75003. Not existing in my Olds parts book. Google did not help either




This is the jack. I suppose the brackets have nothing to do with it.



Thanks for giving a try!



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Oh how this question makes me feel so old.  The famous (infamous) automobile bumper jack.  It was a love hate relationship with them.  They sort of worked but were unsteady when in use. The other thing in your trunk that looks like a plus sign is an aftermarket 4 way wheel lug wrench.  It’s not standard equipment.  The factory lug wrench doubled as the handle for the bumper jack lifting mechanism. 


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Yes, thank you all. I have never had an old bumper jack and did not realize this is the base! The mechanism is all complete and seems to work well. So decided to test what TerryB said and can confirm that it is totally unstable. I tried using on the car today. Carefully installed the arm of the jack under the bumper support bracket avoiding any contact with the chrome. Initially jack worked great but as soon as the rear wheel is about to lose contact with the ground, the arm of the jack slided away. I tried several times and same thing happened. I took these photos to show what happens when weight is applied to the arm, which because of poor design or extreme use had worn out the seat where the cross section of the jack arm is fitted.




Jack assembly is complete and works (without load !! )





When load reaches certain point, the cross section snaps off its seat and the arm drops to the floor. Car was hardly being lifted at that point. Clearly if the jack was holding a bit longer it would be extremely dangerous with the car at higher level.  The reason for failure seems that the seat for the lock is too flat and the locking mechanism not staying in place. I doubt this is the result of over use (hey, this is steel, won't really wear out by changing a few thousand tires), likely is poor design. 


The other possible explanation is that the arm is not correct for the jack. After I tried using it I saw that the arm has the date shown in the next photo on the bottom aspect, not visible when the arm is mounted.




The car is 1941. The jack presumably is same vintage but the arm is Chevrolet 1964?   Typical mixed up with our old cars


I will clean these parts well and used for display one day at a car show. May be next Summer I will be ready.





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5 hours ago, Pete O said:

The first three pictures are the base for the jack.  


The other pictures look like door hinges to me.


Yes, you are right, they are door hinges. I compared side by side with the ones now on the car, at least the best it can be done without removing the door. The part H-75003 (smaller of the 2) seems to be the rear right door but the part number is not GM. Aftermarket???



5 hours ago, pont35cpe said:

Hinges look like `41-`48 Gm coupe.

The other hinge, H-75001 number well visible on the initial photo, is larger. May be it is for a 2 door coupe? 

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26 minutes ago, The 55er said:

You've got the piece that says Chevrolet 1964 on it upside down. The Chevrolet 1964 wording itself should be contacting the bumper. The hook shaped end that's under the round hole would go underneath a 1964 Chevrolet bumper and grab it to help lift the car.


22 minutes ago, John Smeltzer said:

The bumper jack is for a 1964 Chevrolet and is not designed for your car.

 I would not try to use it on your car.

you might damage the bumper,bumper brackets or even the body of the car if you bend the bumper or brackets 


Tanks a lot! I am so glad that I checked the Forum for more comments just before I was planning to give one more try. I will stay away from further attempts. Good piece for the trunk, though 😁

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