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For Sale 1926 Packard Skiff Bodied Speedster

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1926 Packard Model 426 - Skiff Bodied Speedster


Inspired by H Labourdette famous coachwork.


Authentic period construction by long standing vintage boat restorer, layers of mahogany veneer riveted to small oak ribs, teak flooring with sycamore detailing.


Award winner NEC Classic Car Show 2015 and London Concours participant 2021.  Featured in various magazines in the UK.


Outstanding craftmanship and detailing, matching numbers car appraised at £75000, inviting offers for this unique vehicle.


Location: Nottingham, United Kingdom

Contact: Steve Mills at millsdockyard@outlook.com









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Skiff bodied automobiles were mostly a European thing. The style never really took hold in this country, although more than a few were built here.

Climbing over the side that way may have been unusual, but it was done a fair amount. Mercer Raceabouts of the late 1910s and early 1920s had no doors and fairly high sides. They are probably one of the most common and best known cars to do so, although there were quite a few other sport roadsters and "speedster"/sport touring cars that did so. A longtime good friend has a 1915 Biddle sport touring car with no doors, front or rear! It has step plates down low, and a couple more up on the side of the body! (Great looking car!)

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