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1954 Kaiser Darrin - not mine.. for sale

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BAT Auction of 1954 Kaiser Darrin #17 ends in a little less than two days.


Bidding has stalled at 50,500, but of course some folks wait to the end...

But other than non-original color, seat upholstery and kinda rough-looking soft-top,

anyone else see what may be holding it back?  Curious to see what it goes for ...





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I think the BAT Darrin was well bought. The first 50 Darrins differ from remaining production and that's made them a bit more desirable to some. The noticeable differences include an interior that used an 'X' stitch upholstery pattern, rather than the ribbed style of the later cars as well as foot wells that were configured with a deeper inset. This deeper inset caused tires larger than 5.90 to rub in turns. The footwell layout was soon changed allowing for larger 6.40 tires to be used, giving better road feel.


In addition, vent routing changed, extra trunk, top well lid and hood stiffening was added to later cars which reduced warping, drumming and cracking. A few cars saw door locks added as well.


And I'm sure someone will mention that Dutch Darrin converted 50 Darrins to Cadillac V8 power. The actual number was one. He did buy a small number of unsold cars from the factory but only one got a V8 swap. The others had minor cosmetic changes to make them more sellable..

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