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Tube front axle with drop,had 25" woodspoke wheels,non-descript steel hubcaps,full elliptical springs.


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Picked this up off an old ranch. It may be related to some unknown sheetmetal on another post. The one wheel appeared to be 25",springs are 1 1/2" wide. I don't remember seeing hubcaps like that on anything,may be a commercial car of some kind. Appreciate any help.





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Keiser ran a pic of a '15 complete car on my other post and it looks identical along with the few body parts I have. There was a 25" clincher rim and felloe band some distance away along with another spring,presumably from the same car rear axle,picture added. I think I have a fender or two in my own pile that will be added to all this and put on the Parts For Sale section maybe next week. Holler if anyone has interest now. Thanks for all your help.


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