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1918-22 ?era smaller car rad shell,hood,front fender and fan believed to be off the same car


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The fender looks a lot like a Metz fender from the mid 1910s. Not exactly like my 1913/'14, but close. The radiator shell also looks similar to a mid/late 1910s Metz (not at all like my 1913/'14!).

The hood is most likely NOT Metz.

The fan I have no idea other than somewhere between 1910 and 1925?

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Radiator shell is definitely Metz, the ring held on a porcelain enamel radiator emblem. You can see it in the upper left corner of this display. I honestly think that ring is harder to find than the emblem itself although it’s value isn’t all that much.




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On 9/3/2022 at 6:44 PM, keiser31 said:

Here is a 1915 Metz....

1915 Metz.jpg

Thanks Keiser for coming up with the real deal. So my stuff must be '15 or later depending on if they ran the same look for more than just one year. I'm adding a picture of the fan bracket,it must be related to the rest of it. It has something that looks like BUHO cast into it.


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